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APCA Summit 2004! - Sponsorship Opportunities

Who is the Personal Chef?

The personal chef is unique in the foodservice industry as a chef, business owner and operator. The personal chef plans and prepares palate-pleasing menus for time-starved professionals and families to enjoy delicious, satisfying and nutritious meals. Being a personal chef is a recognized career path that attracts culinary professionals with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion to cook. Personal chefs own, operate and grow their business by building a loyal clientele. They cater to customers who desire dine-in as a destination or whose social and business obligations require professional services for menu development and preparation.

Their Business is Your Business!

Personal chefs are the ultimate consumer and critic of service and food related products and merchandise for their personal use, their clients and for their business. They seek products and services from vendors that offer timesaving techniques to ensure fresh, appetizing and high quality meals without compromising their creativity. Getting your products and services into their hands is the key to endorsement!

The Organization

The American Personal Chef Association (APCA) is the industry’s leader in an ever-expanding foodservice market.
Founded in 1996, with a membership of more than 2,000, the APCA has trained over 3,000 personal chefs and the number is growing!

In 2002, the APCA joined forces with the American Culinary Federation (ACF) through a partnership agreement and a five-year plan recognizing the personal chef as an important segment of the culinary industry. In addition, the ACF has added two new levels of certification, the Personal Certified Chef (PCC) and the Personal Certified Executive Chef (PCEC).

The American Personal Chef Institute (APCI) is the educational and training arm of the APCA. The Institute has held educational and training sessions across the United States and Canada providing business strategies and professional development to the industry.

Market Your Company to the Fastest Growing Segment in the Professional Culinary Industry!

The American Personal Chef Association has several sponsorship levels available for the 2004 Summit in Minneapolis, August 26-28. Our program allows your company to choose the level of participation that meets your marketing objectives. Be a Summit sponsor and put your products and services in the hands of 2,000 personal chefs whose consumer outreach adds up to increased sales for your business.


Don’t take our word!
Read what our sponsors say.

“As a sponsor, CulinArte’ Bonewerks is in direct contact with the APCA membership and the personal chef industry. The Summit allows us the venue that has become so valuable to us as a company. We learn very much from our involvement and this information directs us to create and offer unique, healthful, creative and safe classical products. Our company is structured with chefs who produce and demonstrate the foundations of the line of products we produce. I see the personal chef industry as upside in growth and service internationally and am proud to feel that we are a small part of it
through our annual sponsorship.”

Edward Driscoll
President & CEO
CulinArte’ Bonewerks

“As a first time sponsor in 2003, the APCA Summit gave me an opportunity to target this unique group with our one-ofa-kind chef apparel. The Summit was successful for me personally through one-on-one contact with personal chefs at the InfoFair , information-packed seminars, networking breaks and social events. Their feedback about our jackets was overwhelming and has allowed my business, La Femme Chef, to grow and further develop our product line.”

Scott Delin
La Femme Chef


Summit Sponsors





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